We all have a story, a reason, a pull to the club. For some it's legacy, for others it's the silly rushes, for all of us it's the community.

If we didn't go Siggies, we would have missed a lot. Here are some reasons why we chose Sigma Theta Chi, and the reasons why we stay :)

Taylor benton

For me, Siggies is a group of like-minded, confident, Christian women that have mentored me throughout my time at ACU. I have met some of my best friends in Sigma Theta Chi and the memories I’ve made with them are some I will never forget. My favorite thing about these girls is being able to walk into a room and instantly be filled with serotonin, joyfulness, and laughter. A consistent prayer I’ve had this semester has been to have a sense of gratitude in all that I do — and being with these girls make that pretty easy!

RYLEE Layton

Siggies is important to me because of the fun, unique community I have found throughout the years. When I joined sophomore year, I had so many older women model what true, intentional friendship looks like by the way they invested in me. Their consistent love and kindness is what encouraged me to invest in other siggies that I might not have known as well before. As I’ve now transitioned into my senior year, the Lord has evidently displayed so much of His character in the different women I have grown to know and love through this club. I am forever grateful for this sweet community the Lord has so graciously provided throughout my time in this club!

Daisy Strine

I love the joy and excitement that Siggies bring to my life and the lasting friendships I have made along the way! I knew I wanted to rush Siggies because of the amazing women I was surrounded by and how much they strive to be more like Jesus. This club has been such a blessing to me in every way imaginable! Siggies are so fun and silly I just loveeee em!

Taylor ketter

I fell in love with siggies from the very first rush because of the way they made me feel welcomed and seen!! Siggie girls are so beyond full of light, joy, fun, and love for God, and I feel blessed to get to be a part of it all. I look forward to every event, Siggie fam night, and club night because I know I will be surrounded by my best friends. The friendships I have made are so fruitful, and i could not be more thankful for the community Siggies has brought me!

Morgan Wade

I chose to rush Siggies because you become like the people you spend the most time with, and I met so many girls at Siggie rushes that I wanted to be like. The Siggies I met were chasing after Jesus with all they had and I could see that in how they loved others. Choosing Siggies is one of the best things that ever happened to me! My big, Annie, is one of my favorite people on the planet, and we have such different majors that I never would’ve met her if not for Siggies. Siggies are so full of love and joy that others can’t help but notice! We have a reputation for being loud and silly, and that’s a product of how much we love each other. Sigma Theta Chi is a truly special group of women and I am beyond blessed to be a Siggie girl!


I chose Siggies, because I truly thought they embodied their goal of seeking through Christ. When I originally came to ACU, I wasn’t planning on rushing. It was after teas, thought that I truly saw myself at home within Siggies. After attending teas and open rushes, I truly saw the diverse group of Christ, loving girls that Siggies were. Their warm and silly nature has never made me feel more welcomed, or loved by a group of girls before ever in my life. no matter how many events I go to throughout the year, the girls within this club always made me feel welcomed and loved. Love truly welcomed me, and i thank god that he placed me in a club that loves me and that I love back!!

Emma taylor

Siggies sought me out from day one! They haven’t failed to be intentional, Christ centered relationships for me. These girls are persistent, bold, FUNNY, and caring girls who seek out the Lord daily! I was drawn to Siggies because of their crazy personalities but also their ability to be there for me when I needed it. Siggies have been a shoulder to cry on, someone to share a laugh with, and just one of the best communities I’ve had through college! I’ve felt so fulfilled (especially as a senior) through this club this year by the way Siggies seek me out even to this day! They never fail to make me feel welcome. There’s always a seat at the table for you in this club:) The Lord pours through these friendships and it has been so evident in my life! Thankful to know each and every one of these girls!

Cicely williams

I chose Siggies because I had never felt so welcomed and loved before. Ever since I’ve known Siggies they’ve always welcomed me, and wanted my to feel like I belonged. Siggies have given me some of my very best friends and I couldn’t be more grateful. One memory I hold so dearly to me was big/little reveal, I never once was scared of who my big could be because I would be overjoyed with whoever my big was. This group of young women has been there for me more than I even realize, and I’m so thankful that I get to be apart of it.

Victoria lafon

I chose Siggies because of girls who intentionally sought after me. During rushing, but also continued into day to day life once I became a Siggie. There were several older girls who poured into me, checked in on me, cared about me, and genuinely desired to see me grow in my relationship with The Lord. Choosing Siggies is something I would do 1000 times over because it is a club of girls who live authentically because they know who they are and who God has called them to be!