established may 17, 1969

In the spring of 1969, Gary McCaleb, the Director of Public Relations at the time, recognized a need for another women's social club on the Abilene Christian College campus. He looked for women with the potential to take on a responsibility, such as chartering a new club, and found a freshman named Zoe Conner who was willing to take that challenge on.

On May 11, 1969, Zoe Conner and Gary McCaleb met in the President's dining room to discuss the future of this new club. A week passed and on Saturday May 17th, 1969 at the 1:00PM Student Senate meeting, the decision was made to instate a new women's social club. The first selected name for the club was Sigma Tau Omega, but was changed one week later to Sigma Theta Chi. With colors of bright yellow, white, and navy blue, and the yellow rose as the club flower, started Sigma Theta Chi.

Pam Melton, Judy Bell, and Sheryl Kuenstler were appointed to write the club song which we still sing today. Officers were selected from the 33 charter members and Gary McCaleb's wife, Sylvia McCaleb and friend Nancy Zickefoose agreed to serve as the first sponsors. Charter President, Zoe Conner, and Charter Vice president, Sheryl Kuenstler drafted a constitution to be approved, jerseys and drops were ordered and everything was ready for the first meeting on Wednesday, September 3, 1969 at the McCaleb house.

The constitution set the club motto "Seek Through Christ," and the club purpose was taken from Matthew 6:33. Thus starting the tradition and the key to success that is the Women of Sigma Theta Chi.

Crest of Sigma Theta Chi, Jody Martin, 1971

within the letters of sigma theta chi

Our Purpose

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